'Brereley a history of  Brierley'.
Revised 15th. January  2017 with a note on the early development of Church Street Brierley
Revised 14th. September 2017 with more notes on Ringstone Hill Inn
Revised 29th. August 2018 regarding the Kingdom of Elmet. Tempting me to call our village Brierley in Elmet
Revised 24th. April 2021 with more on Ferry Moor and Folly Hall.

Brierley Yorkshire England


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Brierley Brierley rhymes with entirely, so why   do we always, or nearly, get BrEARley whenever our name is read out?
Oh, it's not that important, not worth a discordant, remark nor a pout, to make clear, still I find it strange
that so many folk change, what is plainly an I to an EAR!

From Ronald Brierley, Australia