Brierley Hall 1974
Brierley Hall Fire
Brierley Hall 2014
Brierley Hall 1974 built by the Hoyland family of Brierley about 1730 who lived there until 1911. The present hall was rebuilt about 1840 and has brick interior walls faced by stone.
Brierley Hall fire 2009
Brierley Hall  2014 the hall could be due to be converted into modern apartments so thing may get better

Grimethorpe Hall 1974 Grimethorpe Hall 2014
Grimethorpe Hall north wall 2014
Grimethorpe Hall 1974, built for Robert Seaton of Arksey about 1669.
Grimethorpe Hall 2014 The hall looks very abandoned. The Sash windows and the English bond brick facing were added in the mid 1800s these bricks could encase the original sandstone walls. The bricks high up round the chimney were added early in the 1900s

Grimethorpe Hall north side. This may be the original look of the hall. It was bought by Richard Crooks a surgeon from Barnsley in 1839.

Grimethorpe Hall history

On the third of December, 1666, John Holgate of Grimethorpe married Helen Seaton, introducing the Seaton family to the village. In January of 1669, Robert Seaton married Theodicia Adwick of Arksey and built Grimethorpe Hall as their home (1). It is one of the earliest classical buildings in the area. The north wall is all stone and the doorway has a segmental head; the rest of the building being of combined brick and stone with tall pilasters framing the south door. The ceiling of the entrance hall is supported by three stout Doric columns.

Theodicia died March 1713 and was interred at Arksey church, Robert Seaton died in East Hardwick 23rd. December 1716 aged 78. In 1770 Richard Seaton, the son of Robert Seaton, died, aged 83, and Grimethorpe Hall passed to a Mr Bayldon of York. (2) Following his death the hall passed by will to Richard P. Strangeways of Dunnington. In 1839 his widow, Sibyl Strangeways, sold Grimethorpe Hall to Richard Crookes, a Surgeon and Apothecary in Barnsley.

Richard Crookes is listed as a Barnsley Surgeon in a north of England trade directory dated 1816 and in Pigots 1828 directory of Yorkshire where his address is given as Church Street Barnsley. There was a clearance of older properties in Barnsley to make room for the technical college and town hall in the 1930s. Richard Crookes family properties could have gone at that time.

Grimethorpe Hall had an estate of 131 acres in Grimethorpe, the land lying between the hall and Ferry Moor. Richard Crookes was away from home on the date of the census 6th. June 1841. His household consisted of these servants: George Hillingworth (Illingworth) 20, John Heppinstall 15, Mary Heppinstall 15, Sarah Hawksworth 25, and Jane Wilkinson 20. With John Wood a farmer 35, Joseph North a farm labourer 30, Eliza North his wife 30, children Alfred aged 2, Sarah aged 6 months. (4)

Richard Crookes had moved to live with his brother William and wife Mary at Montague Place, Russell Square, London by 14th. March 1845  he died a few months later. (6)

A trust was set up to manage his estate with provision to maintain the buildings, Richard Crooks nephew John Farrer Crookes who was born in 1812 in Islington London was granted the use of Grimethorpe Hall and other parts of the estate (6) In 1881 John Farrer Crookes was living as a retired surgeon in Folkestone Kent with his family he died one year later. His son Richard John Crookes was born in London in 1855 (5).

The estate appears to have passed via James Frank Crookes the youngest son of John Farrer Crookes to his son Captain Arthur Dillon Farrer Crookes who was born in Grantham Lincolnshire 1890. He then sold Grimethorpe Hall to the Carleton Main Colliery Company about 1925 (7).

The Sash windows and the English bond brick facing were added in the mid 1800s these bricks could encase the original sandstone walls. The bricks high up round the chimney were added early in the 1900s

In recent years there have been two attempts to convert the hall into a restaurant. The latest was by Virginia Goyonechea of Shield Trading in 2004, the company had one of the workshop units on Springvale Road Grimethorpe but they had moved away by 2006.

The earlier spelling for Seaton was Seton and the first person I have found with this name is Ivo de Seton of what is now Seaton Hall just inland from Staithes on the Yorkshire coast north of Whitby. He held lands in the area at the time of King Henry 2nd. 1154 to 1189 and could be an ancestor of the Seaton’s of Grimethorpe Hall via Gervase Seaton the father of Robert Seaton. Gervase was a yeoman farmer of Blyth Nottinghamshire who died there in 1673.

In the period before 1066 an Anglo-Saxon or judging by his name a person of Scandinavian origin called Uhtred held Manors (lands) in Seaton (hall), Stainton, Moorsholm, KIlton Thorpe, Kilton, Brotton, Skelton, Guisborough, Hutton, Tockets, and Kirkleatham, his father is thought to have been Thorketill of Clevelend. Uhtred was the predecessor and most probably the ancestor of Ivo de Seton.

Owners of Grimethorpe Hall

Robert Seaton                           of         Arksey & Grimethorpe               1669

Richard Seaton                         of         Grimethorpe

William Ware                            of         Aldby Park Yorks.                  to  1770

William Bayldon                        of         Boothham York

Richard P. Strangways                                     

Sible Strangways                                             

Richard Crookes                        of         Barnsley                                    1839

John Farrer Crookes                   of        Islington London & Folkestone  1846   died 1882

Richard John Crookes                 of         Folkestone                               1882

James Frank Crookes ?

Arthur Dillon Farrer Crookes       of        Lincolnshire ?                       to  c1925

Carleton Main Colliery Co                                                                        c1925

National Coal Board                                                                                 1948 to ?

Shield Trading, Virginia Goyonechea                                                         2004 to present


Tenants; these dates are taken from local trade directories.

John Wood   named in a Directory dated                                                    1838     

John  Wood,  Chistopher Hawsworth  & John Goody, on a deed  dated       1839

Johnathon & Elizabeth Wood aged 40 with 4 Children

and one labourer John Goody named on the                                              1841 census

John  Wood named on the                                                                         1841 Tithe AwardG

George Horn  named in a  Directory dated                                                  1852

Leigh Bros.                                                                                               c1904 to 1921

Henry Lindley                                                                                           c1922 to 1927

Cyril Thompson then the Thompson family                                        from c1936

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